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8 July 2008

Microsoft WPC 08 – opening keynote

We had an interesting first set of sessions this morning at the world wide partner conference of Microsoft in Houston. Alisson Watson, the VP for partners, opened the conference today in the Toyota Center. 12000 attendees heard here giving the main themes that will be addressed in the next few days. Read the rest of this entry »

31 March 2008

Newtonian business

Innovation is difficult.

There, how’s that for kicking in open doors. In most companies, the main focus is on the “invention” part of innovation: people are stimulated individually, or in R&D teams, to find new technologies or creative ways to do business. However, this is not the most difficult phase of innovation. Getting the innovation into your business is…

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11 December 2007

Coming soon …

The Antenna Group, founded in 2008 by two entrepreneurs, is a consulting firm specialised in strategic guidance on technological innovation and business improvement. We scout the world for technology and trends that can have significant top line or bottom line impact on your company and its business, without getting carried away by hypes or fads. In addition to mere detection of trends, we also analyse the potential impact on your business and we offer strategic advise in response to these evolutions. Our customer base includes ICT companies, as well as businesses in the service industry, retail and manufacturing.

The consultants at The Antenna Group are experienced people in the field of ICT. They have been exposed to a wide range of businesses and have a managerial background. This allows them to interpret the potential benefits of technology and architecture in function of the actual business context and strategic goals of our clients.