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Customers in the cloud?

This week, I am lucky to be able to attend both the New York Internet Week and the Cloud Computing expo. On both events, I felt again that the customers have become the one element that is not in the picture.

In the keynote speech on the cloudexpo, we heard a lot on the technical architecture, the scalability and we even had an exec from microsoft showing some code on a slide for 7000 business people. And that is where it became obious that the technology people are once again not dealing with the ones we hope will ny these cloud services: the customer.

If we (all that believes the cloud is a part of the future in computing) should now start to explain customers what it is and how their business will benefit from it. If the industry fails to do this correctly, we will have another sentiment of non-completed expectation (see also euro, y2k, dotcom and the other promises that would make business better by another newer technology…)

Let the evangelisation start! the customers deserve it, and the industry needs it…

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Written by: Koen Blanquart

2 Responses to “Customers in the cloud?”

  1. Wim Temmerman Says:

    Very nice thoughts Koen!

    Now, cloud computing is a technology that crosses verticals. Actually I have seen it in the different verticals I’ve worked in and I do agree all of these vendors seem to forget to strongly emphasize the added value for the customer.

    In order to adopt this technology we need a rare breed of human beings that understand how it works technologically wise and who can translate it into real business benefits. (and potential financial advantages).

    Unfortunately this type of profiles seem to be starving out on this planet ….scary…

    Take care-wim

  2. Koen Blanquart Says:

    Thanks wim, more to follow on this subject indeed.

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