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Microsoft in the (mobile) small business area

In a keynote on how Microsoft partners can address the small and medium businesses (SMB), the focus shifted very quickly to the opportunities in mobility.

One of the nicer demos was the use of the PDA-phone with windows mobile, where the user could, from within the mobile outlook application, query the information on the Sharepoint server behind the corporate firewall. The exchange server acted as some kind of a proxy server for the search and returned the results and the file back to the mobile device.

By use of this mechanism, the user does not have to worry about the fact that the data is not present on the PDA.

And of course, when data is brought to the PDA, Microsoft has understood that a whipe of the device is not just a feature: it’s a necessity. And the version we had in demo here, had a full featured whipe available. It seems that the BlackBerry served as the good example to the marketing team of this new version.

Microsoft showed that the ISV-partners do have now 18000 applications (line-of-business apps) available for Windows Mobile. Microsoft is still advising its partners to hunt for the clipboard-users as best targets to deliver mobile applications (via PDA, tablet, or other devices)

(Presentation given by Laura Johnson and Steve Doe at WPC08 in Houston)

More information has been made available to the customers of the antena group.

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Written by: Koen Blanquart

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